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"Arms in the hands of citizens may be used at individual discretion in private self defense." John Adams





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Upcoming Classes for 2018





License to Carry Class All February    16 SEE PRICING BELOW
License to Carry Class All March         16 SEE PRICING BELOW
License to Carry Class All April           20 SEE PRICING BELOW
License to Carry Class All May            18 SEE PRICING BELOW
License to Carry Class All June           15 SEE PRICING BELOW
License to Carry Class All July          TBD SEE PRICING BELOW

  **Payment will be collected at the beginning of the class. 

Payments can be either CASH or CHECK.**

To schedule a class email us at


Call at 512 423-1172 or 512 423-0243

New applicants CHL Class Fee: $75 for most / $55 Military / $65 AG & AG Members

Our classes are informal, informative, and carried out in a friendly and comfortable conference room setting. They are structured around a PowerPoint slide presentation and include short videos, demonstrations, and interactive discussions.  Students are encouraged to participate in the discussions, but nobody is ever pressured to do so. 

Classes are generally small allowing for personal attention to all. Our students have found them not only informative, but well organized, well presented and thorough in content. 

We strive to conduct the course in a manner that is easy to understand, interesting and engaging.

We teach what you must know to fulfill the State requirements, and we teach you those things you should know to be a responsible gun owner.

Our fees  do not include Electronic Finger Prints and Passport Photos or Texas Drivers License. Completion of our course will allow you to then apply for your Texas license. The current state fee for a new license is $40.00 payable to the State of Texas. The State fee must be included with your application packet when you submit it to TXDPS. Link:

Would you like to schedule a private class?  Give us a call�we can accommodate you

Central Texas LTC Training provides a One Day LTC class (Weekends) complying with the the requirements for Licensed to Carry Handgun in Texas.

The LTC course must include at least 4 hours and not more than 6 hours of instruction on:

(1) the laws that relate to weapons and to the use of deadly force;

(2) handgun use, proficiency, and safety;

(3) nonviolent dispute resolution; and

(4) proper storage practices for handguns with an emphasis on storage practices that eliminate the possibility of accidental injury to a child.

(5) Open Carry Requirements

Central Texas CHL will provide you a full understanding in the fundamentals of firearms and the  handgun statutes for the beginner as well as the more experienced shooter.


Additional lessons are available for those who:

Never fired a gun.

Purchased a new gun.

Want to improve proficiency or comfort level.


Gun safety classes are available for those who:

Want to learn firearm basics

Personalized training also available upon request

Women only classes available - A Girl and A Gun Club


Austin Area Training.


Call for the location and date of the next class.

Special arrangements for private classes, groups, and out of town classes.

Class Schedule

Saturday and Sunday classes are from 9:00AM - 3:00PM.

Bring  lunch with you

Course is a minimum of 4-6 hours for new applicants.


Licensed to Carry (LTC) Cost

LTC Class Fee: $75  - Military $55 - AG & AG Members $65 

Texas DPS License Fee: $40 (New applicants -  paid directly to TXDPS).


What you need for LTC class...

Semi automatic handgun or Revolver 22 caliber or above

Hearing protection (over the head type) - bring with you if you have some

Eye protection - bring with you (Safety Lens)

Wear a crew neck shirt or button up collar

Everyone wears a baseball cap

No Open Shoes, No Sandals

50 Rounds ammunition You may wish to bring an extra 50 rounds in the event you need to re-qualify

The Texas Department of Public Safety requires obtaining Electronic Fingerprinting at one of the following IndentoGo USA locations. TXDPS indicates that your application will not be processed until IdenttoGo USA Electronic Fingerprints have been provided.


LocationAddressDates & Times






AUSTIN, TX. (7901 Cameron Rd, Building 2, Suite 215) [Map (opens new browser)]

M - F 8 - 4:30


AUSTIN, TX. (1515 S. Capital Of Texas Highway, Ste 114) [Map (opens new browser)]

M - F 8:20 - 4:30


AUSTIN, TX. (1515 S. Capital Of Texas Highway, Ste 114) [Map (opens new browser)]

M - F 8:20 - 4:30


What we provide for class...

Shooting proficiency B-27 target (provided - no charge).

 Some Semiautomatics available at Range (Rental Charge $10.00)  


In class you will learn ...

Licensed to Carry Handgun License (LTC) Requirements and Restrictions.

What is legal and illegal to carry.

Where handguns are prohibited.

Alternatives to using force and/or deadly force.

Basic knowledge of the use of force.

Firearm safety.

Open Carry Requirements

Weapon storage and locking devices.

Weapon handling and child safety.

Range safety.

Basic marksmanship.

Handgun use.

Handgun evaluation.

Review and Final Exam.

Handgun proficiency.


Our Training Features ...

Power Point presentation of all LTC Training Topics.

Informational news articles and hand-outs may be given to students on current LTC laws and topics

If you are interested in carrying a handgun or just want to learn more about guns let Central Texas CHL train you. Private instruction can be arranged by calling

512 423-1172 or email at